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Here it is, I hope you find it helpful. Lemme know what you think...


Loved the podcast! Fascinating, educational, intelligent...never knew exzema and asthma have such a close connection, which explains how my severe childhood exzema may have been a factor leading to my daughter's asthma.

Dr. Storms' answers were so clear and calm and informed and I was very impressed with the high level of the lay participants' knowledge and that of Mike Tringale from AAFA.

The first question about the definition of asthma (posed by Allergic Girl)seemed so basic but laid a great foundation for the rest of the conference.

On a tech note, I realize the podcast was a teleconference and didn't take place in a sound studio, but the constant coughing, throat clearing, phone ringing and other distracting sounds must be controlled for the next one!

There are mute buttons on most phones--please use them and turn off all other phones and disable call waiting. At the very least, cover the mouthpiece when coughing! Please.
Allergic Girl® said…
thanks, so glad you found it helpful. i found it really interesting too, minus the coughing-and i agree, that's what mute buttons were made for... ;-)

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