Freemans Restaurant

A fave of the rumpled hipster set, Friday night dear friend D. picked Freemans for the birthday celebration with the fam. This is one of those times, like a business lunch, corporate luncheon, anything where there’s a large group that you didn’t organize, that as a person with allergies you just make do. Worst case scenario bring a snack or have a small bite pre-meal.

When I called to let the kitchen know I had allergies I was informed that they would be happy to accommodate me, especially as one of their co-owners Taavo Somer has tree-nut allergies. Eureka!

I’ve said it often: great service comes from the management and travels on through the chain of command; same for knowledge about food allergies. When we arrived at the restaurant the GM, Johnny, came and found me to discuss what I could and couldn’t eat. He was particularly worried because the kitchen uses peanut oil and he was aware that that could vaporize and cause an allergic reaction. Add to that, Freemans has an open kitchen, right next to the bar. As peanuts are not my issue, that was fine by me. I gave him my spiel about nuts and fish; he said he’d let the kitchen and our server know.

Our server, Brian, tall, scruffy, and adequately rumpled had been well informed about the allergic sitch. After everyone ordered, he returned to tell me that the dish to my left had nuts as did the dish to my right. Now that is careful. Luckily, I’m not that sensitive.

I had filet mignon, medium rare, with a roasted onion. It came with mashed potatoes and horseradish cream; I didn’t have the latter because of dairy and why press my luck. The filet was tender and juicy and flavorful, surprising for a filet, which can end up tasteless and brick-like. There were oohs and ahhs and “this is amazing” heard all around the table. Most people either had the roasted chicken with toasted hazelnuts that I was told could be done without as they were a garnish but why tempt fate, sea bass with something nutty, or the filet mignon. Everyone was happy and in this nutty kitchen, I had not one problem!

Score another one for team Allergic Girl!


Catherine said…
Sounds delish, I will have to check it out.
Allergic Girl® said…
it was, let me know what you think!

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