22 Bowen’s Bar and Grille, Newport, RI

Jamie, the General Manager of 22 Bowen's called to chat about how I was turned away from his restaurant a few weeks ago. His basic statement was: “I don’t know how that happened. I’m shocked and sorry it did”.

He pointed out I should have spoken to him directly that night or at least been referred to him by the floor manager with whom I had spoken. Now here's a twist: according Jamie, (he questioned his staff at 22 Bowen's) my experience never happened i.e. the woman who represented herself as a floor manager now doesn't remember speaking to me or fielding this particular request for allergen-free food and turning me away. Also, according to Jamie, whomever I spoke to that night, manager or otherwise, should have know that 22 Bowen's and chef would have been more than happy to accommodate me as per their allergen-friendly policy.

To that end, Jamie assured me that the entire resto will be getting a refresher course in both their allergen-friendly policies as well as how to refer all questions of this manner to management.

Which is all well and good but too late for a tourist like me.


allergic diner said…
I can't believe that she'd deny it. How childish! On the plus side, I'm glad you heard back from them.

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