Yesterday's, Newport, RI

Restos in Newport RI continued...

Also a Larry and Shelley recommendation, [it’s great having locals to guide you, especially ex-pat New Yorkers-thanks again guys!] I called Yesterday’s and spoke directly with Chef Alex, a sweetheart of a man. He said they get questions about allergies all the time and he’d be happy to accommodate me. However that night he was cooking at Yesterday’s sister restaurant, The Place and he couldn’t completely assure me about the food as he wouldn’t be cooking it. However, he could go talk to the otherchef for me and set it all up. He said if I had called earlier he would have set food aside for me. He sounded like a man who understood and was doing his best to feed me an allergen-free meal so I decided to give it a try.

From the reservationist, to the manger, to our server, everyone was aware of my allergies and they made every effort to accommodate me. Big thumbs up.

But, sigh, here again I couldn’t for the life of me get something plain other than, yes another burger. The mothers both ordered a plain pork chop [that is the pork chop had all kinds of stuff on it and they requested that it just be plain and that request was honored]. My mother said her chop was excellent.

When I go back to Newport, I’d give Chef Alex a heads up and see what else he can come up with.

Yesterday's Ale House
28 Washington Square
Newport, RI 02871


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