Blue Water Grill, New York

As you know, dear readers, I don’t normally go to seafood restaurants; they make me nervous. However, over the years I’ve been to Blue Water Grill at least a half dozen times. The last time was there for a bridal shower, they accommodated me, but I have no recollection what I ate for that brunch.

Blue Water Grill is part of the BRGuest family of restaurants. I’ve written about them before, Dos Caminos is another one of their group. The website says they’re “Green Certified” by the Green restaurant Association as of July 2007. We likee.

Saturday night, I went there on a date. I called ahead to ask about if they could accommodate my fish allergies and they said, “We are very aware of allergies and will make every effort to ensure a safe meal” or something to that effect. I was glad to hear they were aware but no one wants an itchy throat or worse, especially on a date so I was still on edge about going.

Why go? Why put myself through this? Well, a few reasons: this was my date’s favorite resto; and it is pretty; and I’ve had a few other romantic evenings there without incident so I thought, ok ,I could try again; and they said they were aware of allergies; and, from past experience, I know that BRGuest does a decent job of being allergy conscious. Another resto in their group, Ruby Foo’s even has a gluten-free menu although I’d never eat there, too many opps for cross contamination.

Upon entering, I had a lengthy discussion of my allergy issues and needs with the downstairs manager Nick. He was seemed very understanding about making sure I’d have something yummy to eat. I saw him talking with our server Josh and handing him my allergy card [I am so loving using it now]. A great start.

I ordered their filet mignon with plain, steamed veggies. The filet was very tender and tasty; however, the haricot verts arrived coated in something. Nick quickly seized upon my plate, whisked it away and came back with plain, steamed veggies, apologizing. I felt heard, which, honey is so crucial in these situations.

Simply due to its inherent fish-focused menu, Blue Water Grill won't be my new go-to spot. However, as each time I’ve been there they have gone out their way to be understanding and to take care of my needs, I won't be so afraid next time someone invites me to dine there.

Blue Water Grill
31 Union Square West
New York, NY 10003


Catherine said…
But what we really want to know is - how was the date??
Allergic Girl® said…
tee hee. date was great. dinner was yum. we went for drinks and dancing at negril on west 3rd afterwards. fun!

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