Pylos Restaurant

The good news is that Pylos is a lovely sliver of a resto in the east village. My diner companion Shari and I both felt transported to an intimate taverna in Greece. I’m sure you’ve read about this place, especially the clay pots hanging from the ceiling. It's hard to believe you're in the East Village, bordering on alphabet city as the crowd last night was mostly out of town parents with their 20-something kids. The plates passing by looked delicious: "Nouvelle Grecques" is what I'm calling it.

However, “looked” is the operative word here for this Allergic Girl.

The less good news is that they couldn’t really find much for me to eat on their menu that was safe from fish cross contamination on the grill, wheat flour dredged or phyllo encrusted, or without some mashed nuts somewhere. I had their version of a Greek salad and still got a slightly itchy mouth from the tomatoes, which happens sometimes. Damn those nightshade veggies!

Nick the manager was helpful and gracious as was our be-dimpled waiter but they were a bit at a loss about how to feed me. Shari felt that they hadn’t really dealt with allergies on the Allergic Girl scale before hence the shrugs. Yes, dear readers, I called the resto twice, to inquire if they chef felt comfortable feeding me. The reservationist asked the chef, who said “Yes, come in. We can accommodate you”. Perhaps they spoke too soon.

The truth is I’d rather be told by the waiter/manager/chef I can’t feed you rather than have guesswork. In this instance, the salad was their sole recommendation and if they felt safe with the salad then I felt safe-r.

So, the upshot: a lovely looking resto, I’d happily go for a drink [if they had a bar] but for a Greek nosh I’ll have to continue the search.

Pylos Restaurant
128 E 7th St
New York, NY 10009
(212) 473-0220


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