Dr. Praeger’s: A Head's Up

The nice people at Dr. Praeger’s pr company sent me some of their gluten-free Littles lines of frozen foods to try. Last Thursday, I heated up the spinach, potato and sweet potato littles and they were delish.

Going down at least.

Within an hour my tummy started to rumble and twist. Never a good sign. Over the next 12 hours my stomach was in a baaaaaaad way and I had theater that night. Sigh. These Littles were the first things I ate [aside from a navel orange] on Thursday at noon so there wasn’t anything else I was reacting to that afternoon. And I am gluten intolerant, not wheat allergic nor do I have celiac disease.

Regardless, it’s taken over three days for my stomach to get right.

I’ve been in contact with the pr company and they were very distressed to hear about my GI issues from their product. They are pro-actively looking into the matter and I expect to hear from them next week.

I would normally wait until I hear back from them about what they think went wrong to give you the FULL scoop. However, Gluten-Free Guide mentioned she received the same package from Dr. Praeger's and I told her she may want to think twice about eating these GF goodies. Her email led me to wonder if this PR company did a bloggy blitz and sent out these products to others GF bloggers.

**If so, this is a gentle warning: any of you who've received these products may want to wait until I get the full story from the company before testing. I would hate for any of you who are celiac and VERY sensitive to wheat or wheat allergic to have a reaction similar to mine. Or worse.**


Gina said…
Any chance you have an issue with
expeller pressed canola oil?

Nut and seed allergies sometimes overlap. Allergic reactions to seeds are becoming more common.

Just a thought...

Allergic Girl® said…
hey gina

thanks for the thought but this was NOT an allergic reaction. it was purely a GI issue.

and i have no issues with canola oil.

truly i dont know what happened other than the products are produced in a facility with wheat and maybe there was some cross contamination?

maybe it was a bad batch. i dunno but it REALLY was unfortunate. it's been so long since i felt this way, i've been so careful.

ByTheBay said…
I got the same package from Dr Praeger's, I haven't had any troubles so far but I've only broken into one or two of the boxes. Will keep you posted.

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