Allergic Girl on WFUV

Yesterday morning, I had the pleasure of being part of an expert allergy panel on Fordham’s own WFUV 90.7. It will be airing 9/29, SATURDAY 730am.

I discovered 90.7 when I was in college. Late at night they’d play great standards from the 1930s and I love standards. As you might imagine, I was extra thrilled to be asked to part of this panel.

[By the by-have you ever been to the Fordham Rose Hill Campus? It’s truly an urban oasis: green lawns, tall old trees, and stone neo-gothic structures all in da Bronx, 19 minutes from Grand Central Station.]

Yesterday's expert panelists included:

Dr. Liz, a pediatric allergist and generally lovely woman was there for the medical perspective.

Amy from Institute of Culinary Education who coordinates the externs at the cooking school and has celiac disease.

Gina from, who's always so informed and up to date on the latest studies about kids, allergies and schools.

And yours truly talking food, restaurants and allergies.

George moderated the panel with grace; Rasheeda pulled us all together and produced.

We covered a range of topics. I don’t how they will edit the show BUT there were three things I wrote down whilst talking.

-According the doctor, the progression of my allergies in childhood was very typical and it has a name. It’s called the atopic march. Interesting.

-Also according to Dr. Liz, many peanut oils [i.e cooking oils] are okay for people with peanut allergies to ingest. Yes, really! The proteins, the substance that triggers the allergy, are refined out. **Obviously, check with your doctor before going out and guzzling some.**

-And the hygiene hypothesis is alive and well. You’ve all heard about this one: childhood dirt is necessary to build a strong immune system and the current trend to over anti-baterialize is harming our natural defenses.

Cityscapes is broadcast on Saturdays at 730am. This Saturday you can hear me and these other talented, informed ladies! I’ll also put the link up in the sidebar when available.


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