Allergy-Free Cookbook by Alice Sherwood

Recently, I had the opportunity to interview Alice Sherwood, author of ALLERGY FREE COOKBOOK, [published by DK Publishing] for The two-part interview can be found on

If you are a newly diagnosed food allergic or food intolerant person, or have a newly diagnosed child with allergies or have any allergic loved ones, I suggest checking Alice Sherwood's ALLERGY FREE COOKBOOK out.

Sherwood’s recipes eliminate the big four [gluten, eggs, dairy and nuts] allergens with clever substitutions and easy to read instructions. Have a look at this page from her book [courtesy of DK Publishing/Alice Sherwood's ALLERGY FREE COOKBOOK]:

Additionally, Sherwood has a bright and positive attitude about eating well and cooking for food allergies/intolerances.



Unknown said…
I just found your blog and I love it already! I also have food allergies, but what is more annoying for me is that they are not the normal food allergies. I am allergic to chicken (not eggs though...), wheat (not gluten) and tuna. It is always hard to make sure if there are certain things in the food I eat, but I appreciate your candor on making sure people stick to your needs!

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