Now I’m up for a good rant as much as the next guy. But something is off. Since when is a rant an article? Op Ed piece, sure, bring it on. But front page news in the Dining Out section of the New York Times?

In today’s NYT, Bruni takes on “restaurantspeak” as patronizing and obnoxious. (What would we do without Orwell's 1984 to guide us in newspeak?) No real argument there.

But is it newsworthy?

I think his wry observations might have been better placed on his Diner’s Journal blog rather than as an actual article.

I'm not ranting, just saying.

Still, have a read. If you dine out often you’ll recognize your evening out.


Anonymous said…
THAT was a front page piece? Non-interesting and beyond editorial. The author sounds like a complete snob with a giant chip on their shoulder. I am really not even sure of their complaint, staff attempting to be polite? I pity anyone who has to serve them.
Allergic Girl® said…
front page of the dining out section yes. why, i dunno. i think he was trying out his snark. hopefully it was an experiment and now he's done.

Weatherboy said…
Totally agree. Bruni clearly got out of bed the wrong side that morning - he didn't need to inflict that rant on the NYT's paying public. Leave it on the blog.

Of course, had Bourdain or Ruhlman written that article I would have had no complaints, but then they would have been funny any/or actually interesting.
Allergic Girl® said…
totally totally agree weatherboy!

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