The Lido at the Standard, Miami

Ever since my interview with Executive Chef Mark Zeitouni of the Lido at the Standard Hotel last March, I knew I was in great hands when I want to eat allergen-free in South Beach, Florida.

That is saying a lot -- this is another fishy coastal town, like Newport, RI. Floridians love their fish which, as you may know, is very un-fish-allergic girl friendly. (Quite a boon for the gluten-free folks though.) In my few past visits to the palm tree swaying, tanned, hard body paradise, I’ve had a very difficult time finding something safe and yummy to eat. That’s why you see only one recommended spot in Palm Beach. Meal mishaps thy name has been Miami.

Until now.

Now I have a new go-to spot in South Beach. Executive Chef Mark Zeitouni, his Chef de Cuisine Dennis and Sous Chef Chris have taken great care of me whilst I’ve been hanging in South Beach for the Miami Book Fair International.

**Did you notice the names I mentioned? These are the people with whom I’ve had a personal discussion about food allergies; they understand, they care and they get it! If you go to dine at The Lido at the Standard, Miami or any of the places I've recommended say "Hi!" to the manager, you'll already know their name. Please, call ahead, talk to the chef, you'll know their name too. Really, they're willing, wanting, waiting to hear from you and create something yummy, just for you.**

On this trip to The Standard, I’ve eaten most meals a l'hotel. Costly, I know but the food here is organic, natural and prepared very cleanly. And they've totally taken care of me and my allergies!

I have had eggs and potatoes for breakfast or organic steel cut oats with honey; Greek salads with chickpeas or feta; and mini turkey burgers or beef burgers with a side salad, no bun of course. For dinner, I’ve especially enjoyed a very moist breast of chicken with simply grilled haricot verts with lemon juice, olive oil. (The recipe for the chicken will be forthcoming ASAP).

Here are some pix.


$5 corn on the cob but oh so good:

Salad with chickpeas poolside:

If you're in Miami or planning a trip, stop in to The Lido at the Standard, Miami say Hi to Chef Mark and enjoy!

The Lido at the Standard, Miami
40 Island Avenue
Miami Beach, FL 33139
tel: 305.653.1717


Anonymous said…
Not thrilled with dinner at The Lido. Service was TERRIBLE! They did tell us they were short three servers. My husband's martini was served in a plastic glass and was barely more than half full, for $16.00. We live in Miami Beach and are used to paying these prices for drinks, but theirs were the smallest yet. My pumpkin/corn soup was delicious, but was served in a bowl 4 times too big. Either serve more soup or used smaller bowls. I ordered the little hamburgers, and I enjoyed them very much--my husband's fish was extremely small, but tasty enough. 45 minutes after we were done eating, they served us our dinner again. Of course we informed them that we had already had our meal, but that piece of fish was a more appropiate size. No one ever came over to offer us coffee or dessert, so after too much time, we waved down another server, and asked for our check. We were there for three hours. Perhaps we were there on an "off" night--I'm willing to try it again for lunch with my girlfriends as the setting is beautiful, but my husband is not interested in returning.

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