Whole Foods and Gluten-free Mixes

Have you noticed something interesting going on over at your local Whole Foods gluten-free product aisle?

A few months ago, I noticed that Whole Foods had introduced their 365 brand of gluten-free cake, pancake and bread mixes alongside the name brands I trust: Gluten-Free Pantry and Cherrybrook Kitchen. “Great,” I thought, “More GF products on the market equals robust competition”. Hmm seems Whole Foods would rather have a monopoly as they have been quietly not restocking the competition. That might STILL be okay with me IF their line had the same properties as the brands I trust: mainly that they are gluten-free as well as tree-nut free. But as they aren’t this development is not so great.

The only way to change this? Let Whole Foods know what we, their consumer base, wants. Email them, talk to the manager in the store—let them know what products you and your family need!


Anonymous said…
Hmm, I am going to have to check my Whole Foods for this development. Not stocking Cherrybrook Kitchen is practically a crime!

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