Prime 112

The good news: the staff at Prime 112 was quite conscientious about taking care of my allergies. The communication between the manager and our waitress was excellent. She knew all about the allergic girl sitch before I sat down. (I had called ahead).

The bad news: there was little save the steak on the menu that was truly safe to eat at Prime 112. For example, the broccoli was steamed in the same steamer with the lobster and the truffled French fries were fried in the same fryer with the walnut-crusted goat cheese croutons.

This is not a place set-up to make special meals, and on a Saturday, night probably less so. To be fair, when I called ahead to discuss my food allergies with the general manager, she said as much. However, we booked a 6pm dinner reservation [us and the blue hairs of Miami Beach] and decided to try it with the manager's blessing that this would be the safest time. If I had felt uncomfortable it would have been still early enough to go elsewhere and eat well if necessary.

I had heard so many great things about Prime 112 and it’s so difficult to get a dinner reservation and the waitress was so on top of everything, I ordered the steak and hoped for the best.

Here’s a picture of what arrived:

It was aged, which is not my favorite taste. It was the NY Strip, which is not my favorite cut. It had a lot of sinewy flesh, possibly the result of an inferior piece of meat. I ate charbroiled edges that had been salted and were well done and left a huge tasteless hunk of pink on my plate.

It was not a great steak.

The waitress, although sweet and doing her very best kept giving me “oh your poor thing” looks. She never actually said this but the downward cast glances and the back rubbing [yes, she rubbed my back three times] said it all. I appreciated that she understood the importance of the task at hand, that is feeding a severely allergic person, but pity isn’t a great approach.

So upshot: I would not recommend Prime 112 for allergic diners nor would I recommend it to any diner. It’s a pretty place but not worth the hype or moolah.


allergic diner said…
she rubbed your back? WOW. You're a better person than I am. I think after the first time I would've forcibly removed my hand.....
Sorry to hear it didn't live up to expectations, but thanks for warning the rest of us!
Allergic Girl® said…
hey righter:

she meant it as a kind gesture i'm certain. that's how i rec'd it anyway. kind but misguided. however, better than the eye-roll.

but in the end, still not good.

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