Miami Book Fair International 2007

“Who knew”, as one person said when I mentioned that I was going to the Miami Book Festival . “Who knew we have books in Miami?!”

True, there’s only the ONE great little bookstore on Lincoln Road that has all the hottest titles and stays open late; no mega stores here in South Beach, baby! But there’s a whole Miami Book Festival in the first week of November every year. Everyone is here: Rosie O’Donnell is hawking her new book, Celebrity Detox; Jenna Bush is talking tonight about a children’s book she wrote; and even authors I worked with whilst in publishing are passing through. (Hey, Abby Thomas! BTW the way her book is a truly beautifully honest look at how Abby dealt with her husband’s head trauma injury. Funny, sad, smart, elegant: a great read.)

This week, I'm amongst the literati and in attendance of one of the biggest book fests around. Specifically I’ll be talking with some food and health book authors for both Allergic Girl and Health Central.

So, stay tuned for more this week and next!


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