Allergic Girl, Allergen-Free Birthday

Here it is.

The bday menu.

• Collard greens, Swiss and red chard, and dill with pickled Seckel pears, kimchi, and lemon vinaigrette.

• Braised lamb shanks with rice flour dumplings, yams, & red wine gravy - topped with lavender buds & micro greens.

• Parfait of maple-baked Rome apples and frozen Redwood Hill goat's milk kefir.

So much fun and so delish - pear pickle and kimchi recipes are to come!


Cybele Pascal said…
That looks so fantastic! Happy Birthday! I want to come to your next allergen-free party.

Unknown said…
What an awesome birthday idea. I love it! Glad you had such a fun night. Happy Birthday.

Gluten-Free Fun
SLOANE! You posted this on my birthday, and I was traveling that week so forgot about it until now! I LOVE the shoutout, thanks! I'm only bummed the cameraman (and you could tell it was a man because a woman would have shown the whole dress, hel-lo!) only did the quick pan of the outfit!

The menu looked great! Can't wait to try the kimchi and pickled pears. Yum! What fun it looks like you had with everyone. And that's what us allergic girls like the best, right?


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