Biquick Gluten-Free, Drop Scones

When I was a teenager (and new lacto-ovo vegetarian) I would make drop scones on the weekends from Bisquick. We always had some in the house, my dad was a big weekend waffle-iron guy. (He had old irons from the 1930s that were very seasoned and made perfect waffles every time.)

And then of course, in the last five years no wheat for me, so no Bisquick. When I started seeing their gluten-free mix on the shelves in small boxes I bought two to play with. One we made pancakes with over the summer (review here) and then this last box, I made a batch of drop scones.

Cut in some butter, whipped in three eggs which product a sticky batter. I spooned five into a pan and baked them as per the directions. They don’t rise per se, as you drop them is how they cook, but they do brown on the bottom nicely and when cooked through, sliced while still hot and buttered, yeah – pretty good. Commercial tasting, yes. But they always were. Fairly drama-free if you don’t want to go mix your own gluten-free flours. The batter for Bisquick gluten-free is generally more sweet and less salty/savory than I remember the original mix. However, I ate these scones with scrambled eggs (isn’t that a delight to do something so normal?) and wasn’t feeling that I that they were too dessert-y.

Thank you again Bisquick for creating the gluten-free line. I’m liking it.


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