Picture it: New York City, 2010

Picture it: New York City, 2010.

A beautiful young Jewish girl lies on her couch reading the New Yorker magazine trying to relax while a handsome young Louisiana chef dredges, kneads, pours, drizzles, poaches, pickles and roasts in her kitchen. She waits, he braises; it's all she can do to not run into the kitchen to hover over him. She goes back to her New Yorker and naps. The guests arrive, the dinner is served and it's a resounding success; everything delicious and free of her allergens.

That chef was Billy Brigtsen and the girl...was Gina Lollobrigida.

Okay, okay it was really this Allergic Girl. And between you and me, I really did want to jump up every minute and see what he was doing. But this was my self-imposed leap. He had my full list of allergens, we went shopping together (you can watch us shop here) and he was using all of my bowls, pots and pans, dishes, knives, cutting boards and stuff from my cupboard (he did use some of his spices).

Still. You know. I had a few moments of: should I go check? I stopped myself because I had done everything humanly possible to allow him to create freely within my personal food allergy and food preferences. I wanted to let him create, without interruption from moi. The moment I remembered that was my goal and I had done all of my steps, I freed myself from distrust and took a nap. When I awoke, the shooter had arrived to take B-roll and the guests started to arrive.

I had a quick taste test of everything, swooning, and the party started.

The might be the best gift I've given to myself in a while.

Youtube video coming up!


CeliacChick said…
LOVE your bright kitchen! : ) Miss you.

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