Trust, Chefs

Trust has been on my mind especially as I’ve received quite a few emails lately about trust (maybe because of this or this): how to get it or how to regain it; how to build it or how to build upon it.

Trust takes time, patience, faith and a leap into the unknown. When it comes to food allergies and trust, there’s that added layer of fear based on past experience; eating something to which one is allergic can lead to an uncomfortable reaction, mild symptoms, severe problems or even an anaphylactic response. Sometimes your gut says, "Don’t trust" like mine did last April at that meditation retreat. That’s okay, listen to that, manage your risk and do not eat when you feel uncomfortable. Sometimes your gut says the opposite: it’s says, “Leap.”

Recently, I was contacted by Chef Billy Brigtsen. We had worked together at Blue Smoke for my Worry-Free Dinners. He has since started a private home cooking service and offered to cater my birthday party this coming week.

Talk about a leap – here it is. A professional chef, cooking a menu we designed, minus all of my allergens, in my home, with my friends.


Here’s the provisional menu (subject to the market):

• Hen-of-the-woods mushrooms, roasted with thyme & mint, wrapped in poached romaine lettuce leaves.

• Fig halves tossed with gremolata and olive oil

• Ribbons of collard greens with kimchi. Napa cabbage and red onions seasoned with garlic, ginger, red chile, onion, apple.

• Peking-style duck with rice crepes (egg, goats yogurt /milk, brown butter) and scallions

• Ace's Goats milk ice cream with a wedge of baked apple & maple syrup

I'm planning on filming the shopping day and some of the prep so stay tuned for the results on this blog and on my YouTube channel.


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