Shopping Day with the Chef

For my birthday, this year Chef Billy Brigtsen is cooking an allergen-free meal in my home for my friends and me.

Chef Billy Brigtsen and I had worked together at Blue Smoke for my Worry-Free Dinners. He has since started a private home cooking service with a strong focus on working with people with dietary restrictions. His viewpoint is very similar to the best chefs I’ve known, talked with and worked with: it’s a challenge to create something minus a few key ingredients not a Debbie downer.


Here is our provisional menu:

• Hen-of-the-woods mushrooms, roasted with thyme & mint, wrapped in poached romaine lettuce leaves.

• Fig halves tossed with gremolata and olive oil

• Ribbons of collard greens with kimchi. Napa cabbage and red onions seasoned with garlic, ginger, red chile, onion, apple.

• Peking-style duck with rice crepes (egg, goats yogurt /milk, brown butter) and scallions

• Ace's Goats milk ice cream with a wedge of baked apple & maple syrup


The talented Ace Salisbury filmed our shopping journey so you can watch me, with my allergic stuffed nose, and Chef in his jaunty hat in this episode of Allergic Girl’s New Thing a Week: Shopping with the Chef. (Keep an eye out for Tom the butcher at The Meathook in Williamsburg, he was just featured in the New York Times, unbeknownst to moi.)


Malati said…
what a special birthday dinner you have planned! LOVE this video - you add a joie de vivre to even grocery shopping! can't wait to see how everything turns out.

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