Patroon Restaurant, NYC

I walked in to Patroon's front room and it was positively buzzing with men in suits – a seriously busy lunch crowd in midtown Manhattan. I had called ahead, and the manager said food allergies were not a problem they dealt with them all of the time.

(I hear this a lot these days in NYC when I make a reservation – do you?)

The General Manager personally took care of our table. Lovely. I was feeling brave, so I ordered the prix fixe, a deal at $27.00 and here was the surprise: I didn’t have to send anything back.

How many times have I ordered a salad, plain no dressing, that has come distinctly not plain and dressed? That is the norm (dishes not coming as ordered) and it always gets sent back, often to the consternation of the staff. Well, Patroon, during a busy weekday lunch, listened to my order and the salad came out dry. It may sound like a small matter but it can be an indicator of a larger issues: how well does a restaurant staff listen to your food allergy needs. The chicken paillard was delish as was the sorbet for dessert - and all food allergy safe.

Patroon, a venture of restaurateur Ken Aretsky was professional, pleasant and corporate. But that’s not a bad thing here when they actually listen to your needs during a busy time.

Good job and thanks Patroon. I’ll be back.

Patroon Restaurant
160 East 46th Street
New York, NY 10017
(212) 883-7373


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