Allergen-free Food at College

If college kids can get allergen-free food without bullying and insults, why can’t grade schoolers?

My question is waaaaay too simple, I know, but given Monday's discussion here, I felt I had to raise the question, even a too-simple one.


Unknown said…
I just came across your site and wanted to introduce myself. I grew up with a life-threatening peanut allergy, had a really serious anaphylactic reaction in India about 1.5 years ago and soon after started with a business partner. We've also got a blog. Check us out! I teach yoga in Santa Monica, CA a couple times a week too! :)
My Best,
Anonymous said…
Neelu,sorry to hear you were so sick in India but ever since I went to an Indian grocery store here in NYC I realized how many nut oils and nut flours are used in cooking Indian food. How on earth does a person with nut allergies survive there? It's one thing to have food with visible nuts...but the subtle use of nut products is pervasive. BTW I adore India!
Nowheymama said…
An excellent question to which I have no answer. Except, "It's not fair!" But that isn't a helpful response.

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