Flatiron Lounge

Flatiron Lounge has been favorite haunt of the publishing set since it opened in 2003. I’d been a few times either meeting a potential author or for post-work drinks with editors/agents. Cool and dark, Flatiron Lounge's long wooden bar is edged by blue velvet stools; opposite is a wall of red banquettes and intimate round tables.

Inventive drinks distinguish this spot from your average after-work lounge. They’re the creations of Julie Reiner, whom I met at the NYDISH event a while back. We thought to give it a try this past Saturday night.

The vibe: very sexy-cool; completely different from the mid-week set. Groups of the well heeled mingled whilst couples at the tables stroked and smooched.

What we imbibed: a frothy egg-white drink that looked like egg nog in a brandy snifter, something fruit-punchy with Whiskey, and beer for guess who?

Was there music? No clue.

Was a there a demi-celeb in the mix? Yes! Marty from Gilmore Girls was two tables down and is taller than you think.

Overall: Totally fun, we will definitely be back!


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