Green Round-up

Lots of interesting Green news items this week, post-earth day.

-Sounds like Michael Pollan read Twinkie, Deconstructed. He’s right, the Twinkie is the embodiment of the US’s subsidized crops: corn, wheat and soy [in some form or another]. Read this important article about the US Farm BIll- here in the NYT or on Pollan’s site. PS Here's an odd rebuttal to Pollan’s NYT article.

-Wednesday, I attended a talk and luncheon with experts in the environmental field at the gorgeously renovated Natural History Museum . Laurie David, Dr. Thomas Lovejoy, and Dr. Michael Oppenheimer spoke strongly but not without hope about the current and dire enviromental crisis. Here are some very easy tips from Laurie’s website that we can all do to lessen the impact of global warming and environmental decay. also has a nice list.

-Pass the Duchy biscuits. I was living in England the year the Prince brought his Duchy biccies to the market. No big media push, that I recall, just a quiet white box of Cracker-y cookie things on the supermarket shelves. The NYT does a nice piece about how that original cookie has grown into a movement where the prince has become an organic Prince.

-Localvore? Are you one?

- Organic milk legislation is about to change.


Nowheymama said…
Hey! I love the "I blog Gluten Free" tag. Does anyone have a Dairy Free one?

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