Otto Pizzeria

I stopped by Otto last night night on my way home from dinner at Provence. Had a quick hug and catch up with Chris Crocetti, manager extraordinaire. Otto used to be an easy go to dinner spot for me a couple of years back: pizza, pasta, and salad all yummy. And managers Chris and Ryan knew how to treat an Allergic Girl right.

Chris asked why I hadn’t been by in so long.

“I’m gluten free now, so pizza and pasta is kinda out.”

“We have gluten free pasta. We’ll make it with any sauce we make.”

“No way!”


“For how long?”

“For a couple of months now. Mario called and said put gluten-free pasta in all of the restaurants.”

This is seriously interesting and something I’ve got to check out ASAP.

Coincidentally, I bumped into Bo on the M15 bus home from Otto, and we both thought this GF development needs a proper investigation, so that's our next outing. That and the truffle honey they serve with the cheese platter is calling our names.

GF folks out there - this could be a very good thing.


Heather said…
Ooh! Yay! We haven't gone to any Mario restaurants together because I thought it would be too difficult to have a gf meal. This is very exciting!
Allergic Girl® said…
i know! VERY exciting!

now it doesn't say anything about it on the OTTO menu but there is no reason chris would lie to me.

so if you go soon let me know, i'll do the same!
Shauna said…
Oh, this is such good news! I love that the best restaurants are starting to recognize this. And when I'm in NY for the book tour, I will gladly try that out!
Allergic Girl® said…
i know!
if true this could be a hge step for gluten-free kind.
Definitely let us know about the Mario's gluten-free pasta...I'm wondering if it has rice in it, which is on the FAQ no-no list.

I've had the quinoa/corn blend, and recently a fabulous all corn spaghetti, both which I've posted.
Allergic Girl® said…
hey FAQ, i bet it is the rice kind, esp as now they are importing italian GF pasta that is rice based. in keeping with mario's all italian kitchen.

however i bet if you had to bring in your own GF pasta they'd make it...i'll ask if they'd do that... more soon!

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