Peter Pan Peanut Butter

They finally found someone or something to blame for the contaminated jars of Peter Pan. Maybe we should all buy our own peanuts and grind them in a blender. I mean, really. If I can just find some peanuts that aren’t processed with other nuts, I’d be down.


Bo said…
Have you ever tried buying roasted shell-on peanuts? The risk of contamination would be almost zero, no? Of course, you'd probably be spending hours each week de-shelling enough peanuts to make your own peanut butter.
Lynn Barry said…
I gagged hearing about that. Leaking into the vat, perhaps...yuck! I am with you, if I want a nut butter, which I seldom do, I will process my own.
~M said…
For those without nut allergies, Whole Foods usually has freshly ground nut butters.

The contamination of the commercial peanut butter is SO gross!

Also, I thought that Elise of Simply Recipe's article about using a mason jar on your blender for various uses, including homemade peanut butter, might be of interest.
Allergic Girl® said…
-Bo, last time i looked at unshelled peanuts i was with you at TJ's and they said, processed with other nuts. sigh. i'm sure i can find a pure peanut manufacturer, just gotta google. or call the peanut board...

-lynn, yuck isn't the half of it--yuckity yuck indeed!

-m, great ideas! i had heard that those fresh grinders at WF and elsewhere had some issues though: most often they aren't cleaned properly, people stick their unwashed hands into the vats, *and* the nuts go rancid. sigh. i should put one of the olde tyme machines on my wish list. as well as a kitchen big enough to hold it! ;-) great article about blender/mason jar --thanks.

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