We went to a Broadway show. On a Saturday.

Yes, Broadway. On a Saturday.

I had to say it twice because it was a rather unusual event. I can’t remember the last time I was in that part of town on a weekend. It was packed: people spilling into the streets, cars swerving not to hit the heaving hoards, police-on-horseback-for-crowd-control packed. Before you get all, “Crowd control?! What, were they afraid of riots?” this was a very benign police sighting; people were petting, stroking, and generally loving the big, brown horsey.

All was controlled giddy New Yorkiness. And my heart swelled a little. No, I’m not a fan of crowds all looking up and not walking quickly enough, but six years ago you couldn’t pay a tourist to go to Broadway. Six years ago the sidewalks were quiet, the air was acrid and the side streets closed down by police. I saw some show just after 9/11 and literally there had been a bomb scare at one of the theaters further down the street so they closed off the whole street. Not one of us enjoyed the show, how could we? I can’t even remember what it was.

But Broadway is back, people were laughing, eating, feeling safe and happy: families, couples, people dressed up looking to have a fun NYC evening. It was great to see.

However, I still prefer theater on a Tuesday.

I never said I wasn’t a snob.

PS Curtains was fun. Niles singing and dancing, doing a bad JFK impression i.e. Boston accent. The show is packed with broadways babies doing their very professional thing: kick lines, cute chorus guys and girls, silly sexual innuendos, a play within a play murder mystery, snazzy 50s costumes and hairdos, belting , and a Kander and Ebb score. Not their finest but very fun regardless.


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