Gluten-Free Baking, Chef Richard Coppedge

Looking for some help creating a gluten-free puff pastry, pizza or bagels?

You can find the right GF recipe and many more revamped classics in the new book on Gluten-Free Baking by Culinary Institute of America's Chef Richard Coppedge.

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Ooh...I've been in the mood for a bagel for about a year now. Every gluten free bagel I try is dry and tough. I'll definitely try this out. Thanks!
Allergic Girl said…
you are most welcome. it looks like a very cool GF baking resource...
Martha said…
I bought this cookbook out of frustration at mixes that don't taste good, and tried the donuts. My husband loves donuts and of course can't eat them.....the recipe is fantastic! I even ate them rolled in cinnamon sugar and iced with chocolate icing. I ended up freezing half the batch because my husband and I decided we didn't need to eat them all right at that moment. It was exciting to see him enjoying something he has had to give up. I recommend this book.

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