Blue Smoke Burger

I’ve been thinking about this burger for months and last night, finally, I sampled the goods.

We went to hear the fantastic Arturo O’Farrill Trio, Afro-Cuban jazz, playing downstairs at Jazz Standard. Danielle had the Kansas ribs and Rob had the pulled pork [which they both ate with enjoyment and glee]. I ordered a medium-well burger, no bun. It came smothered in BBQ sauce, which meant it had to go back and get re-made. I couldn’t tell whose fault that was but as I hadn’t specified NO SAUCE, just said “medium-well, no bun, no cheese, no bacon”, I take responsibility for that one.

A new burger arrived, medium: it was well seasoned, juicy but not beefy nor particularly tasty. And I bit down on some gristle on my very first bite! Hate that. I think I was expecting too much.

Upshot: jazz was fantastic, burger, less so.


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