Tropicana Goes Organic

Poking around in my local Associated, Organic Tropicana leapt out at me. Tropicana? Organic? When did that happen?

My supermarket on Second Avenue is super small and super overpriced; shelf space is limited and at a premium. Within the last two years, they’ve made major changes including an organic/whole foods section. Yay. And now in the juice sections they’ve added Tropicana organics.

How do we feel about the big guys going organic? Tropicana is a PepsiCo company after all. Do they do it right? Organic is organic isn't? Or is the point for organic to be represented by small, local, sustainable farmers/orchards and not by a big, impersonal, international multi-conglomerate giant?

What do you think?


Anonymous said…
the term organic changes its meaning every other month based so that larger companies can fit into the category and people can THING they're eating healthy. Orange juice is a fairly simple concept, but i dont trust the term anymore anyways

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