I was chatting with my buddy Dan (whilst we were both supposed to be working/writing at SoHo House ) and he mentioned that for fun he bartends Friday nights at Landmarc . He invited me to come down and have a drink.


Dan assured me that the resto was very careful about allergens and he would ensure my dinner would be safe. (If you met Dan, you’d trust him in a New York minute; he’s that kind of guy.) So I pitched it to C. who agreed to meet me there.

Tucked into a corner of West Broadway, this small spot takes no reservations and no prisoners. I arrived around 745pm and there was already a line out the door and a throng by the bar. Dan was holding court to the mainly couple-filled hoard, most of whom were doing their best “Norm” impression from Cheers. And he wasn’t kidding about how careful this resto is regarding allergens.

I was thinking about a steak so I asked about the grill, which is an open grill right next to the bar.

Do they also grill fish on there? No, just meat.

Do they marinate their steak? Some cuts, like the hanger, yes in olive oil, garlic, thyme, and parsely.

And the fries that come with that, might they be in a dedicated fryer? Yes, in fact, yes.

Oh joy!

I had the hanger steak - it was well seasoned, medium rare, and delish. C. had the lamb shank – practically licked the plate clean. Oohhh those lardons sent C. into spasms of delight. And I must admit I fell a little in love with the lamb myself.

I’ve already decided, I’m going back next Friday, before the seasonal menu changes and the lamb goes away. I’ll sit at the cozy bar; [it’s “O” shaped and almost feels like you’re playing blackjack but with a much friendly and chattier group]; let Dan pick me out a great red wine and enjoy some lamb-y allergen-free love.

PS Eater reports via Snack that the Columbus Circle outpost is, as of today, open.

Multiple locations in NYC


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