This is a resto opening I’ve been anticipating. In its former incarnation, especially in the early years, Provence was an easy go-to. [And damn it if they didn’t have that Bastille Day party every year that every year I swore I’d attend the next year and didn’t but always meant to]. Come to think of it, I think that the last chicken I had, pre-vegetarian days, was their garlic chicken in the little garden in back. Delightful. The last time I was there was a few years back, after seeing Spellbound with a date, we ambled over to have a delicious post-movie crème brulee. I spent at least two Mother’s Days there, with the host fawning over the mama as only a French man can.

I was sadden to read that it had closed, but oh so excited to learn that the Five Points folks resurrected. Maybe I’ll try and sneak in this weekend, pre-heaving hoards.


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