Passover Seder

Wonderful first night Seder at my mother’s house for 15, yes 15 wonderful people, all related by love.

We had gefilte fish, matzoh ball soup, brisket, roasted chicken, roasted asparagus with vinagrette and a tsimmis of sweet potatoes, carrots, and prunes; grapes and strawberries for dessert with many chocolate cakes and macaroons. It was a wonderful meal (though not my best brisket, maybe Bureka Boy can help.) We rented tables, chairs, and dishes and hired a very helpful server, Rodney through Staffing by David ; he was our best helper yet.

My beloved Omah died a few years ago and predictably the family has scattered; no one has stepped up to the helm to take over. So the last few High Holy Days, my mother and I have invited dear friends-some acquired within the last two years, some that knew my parents pre-Allergic Girl-to join us as our new family: eating, laughing, gossiping, talking politics, and mangling prayers.

Although I look forward to spending time with my cousins-like this past Thanksgiving-and I love having my family by choice around me.


Sounds wonderful! Happy Passover!
Bo said…
I LOVE being a Miller by choice!
burekaboy — said…
glad to hear you had a wonderful seder. happy 7th day of passover :D

as for the brisket, of course i have a few good recipes! LOL.

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