Soho House New York

Friday night, (after a Thursday night dating disaster-let’s just say my option wasn’t picked up), some dear friends [THANK YOU Danielle & Robin & Rob] treated me to a night of controlled debauchery to cheer me up.

We started the evening at Soho House, early. I mention that it was early because by the time we left at midnight, crowds, I mean, hoards of heaving crowds had congregated at the small semi-circular bar all looking like extras from the set of Miami Vice-the early years. After a Stella and a glass of Pinot [neither of which didn’t seem to seriously hurt the tummy, yay], we got some food.

It could have gotten tricky at this point as the place was crowded and Nancy was more host/goddess than professional waitsatff. However, burgers have quickly become my go-to dish when I’m eating in unfamiliar territory so we ordered the sliders. Soho House is known for many things but not necessarily for its cuisine; I don’t even know who the chef is. I’ve lunched there a few times and the food is perfectly serviceable but nothing worth mentioning on this Allergic Girl’s blog. Until now.

The sliders come three to an order: mini brioche buns, cheese melted perfectly over about 2 ounces of prime meat, one thin round of pickle, and slices of small Roma tomatoes. Before I knew it I had gobbled two little plain guys [cooked to a medium perfection] and was reaching for the third.

Juicy, tasty, beefy, delectable burgers! Better than the last few burger spots I’ve been to. Who knew!? Perhaps I will have a quick chat with the chef.


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