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The tele-conference call was very interesting last night.

Firstly, meeting and hearing authors of blogs I read regularly was very cool. Secondly, it was great to hear the smart and varied questions we had for the doctor.

In hindsight, I wish that allergies and asthma as topics had been separated out. Of course, they cross over and that's fine; my asthma is allergy related, I get it. But both topics are so huge and comprehensive that we could have spent more time discussing and following up with each question. That’s what I wanted: to follow up with each question that was asked in more of a roundtable discussion format.

Here is a list of the attendees: Gluten Free Girl; Allergy Moms ;; Kids with Food Allergies; Allergizer ; Our Story ; Allergic Girl; moderator Cynthia , and allergy expert Dr. Clifford Bassett.

We did two rounds of one question each and I took some very quick notes as we talked [apologies to any blogger if I didn’t get it quite right].

1. Our Story : What is anaphylaxis?

2. Gluten Free Girl: Please discuss the psychology of allergies/intolerances.

3. False negative results in food allergy testing? Why is that?

4. Allergic Girl: In terms of treatments, what’s on the horizon within the next ten years for allergies and asthma?

5. Kids with Food Allergies: Explain biphasic reactions?

6. Allergizer : Diet during pregnancy, how does it effect potential food allergies in children?

7. Allergy Moms : Please discuss immunology of the skin relating to multiple food allergies.

8. Our Story : Outgrowing milk/eggs allergies, is that possible?

9. Gluten Free Girl: What do you think about the anecdotal evidence about the rise of food allergies?

10. Allergic Girl: What advice would you give to the newly diagnosed allergic or asthmatic adult?

11. Cynthia: Allergic video games? Are they in development?

12. Kids with Food Allergies: The role of epinephrine in treating asthma?

13. Allergizer : Genetically modified foods - how does it relate to food allergies?

14. Allergic Girl: Natural remedies⎯what do you think?

As soon as the link is up I will post it so you can hear what the good doctor had to say in answer to these questions.

PS The link is up.


Anonymous said…
I work at Revolution Health and teamed up with Cindy to put the allergy call together. I'm glad you had a positive experience and thank you for the feedback. We have only hosted a few calls to date and plan to do more, so your ideas on how to make them even stronger are greatly appreciated. Keep the suggestions coming! Lori
Vivian Mahoney said…
I can't wait to find out the answers. Thanks for this.
Anonymous said…
i agree. also, under allergies, we just managed to cover FOOD allergies. it's just too big a topic to cover in an hour.

it was great as a first try, but succeeding discussions should perhaps focus on more specific topics.
Allergic Girl® said…
lori-thanks for all of your work!

hip writer--thanks for reading, enjoy!

ruth--i agree with your agreement ;-)

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