So? Sopranos? Did it rock your world?

Eh, me neither.

Shhh, don’t tell, but I’ve never been a fan. When it started my then-BF and I watched an ep and both thought, “Eh”. Of course, everyone said afterward that it was the most boring ep. OK. Even after that I never hooked in. (I’ve missed the whole Grey’s obsession as well. Basically, if it’s not on Masterpiece Theater and doesn’t involves someone named Darcy, I’m less interested.) However, I *am* curious to see how it all ends, so I’ll keep watching: it is the end of an era after all. This 7 minutes of Sopranos heaven catches you up, if like me, you missed, uhm, everything.

PS Entourage is still kinda shark worthy but I watched it. And enjoyed it. And want to see how that plays out as well.


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