2 Days in Paris

Julie Delpy, probably best known for acting and co-writing Before Sunrise and it's lovely "sequel" Before Sunset has finally directed her own feature which opened this weekend. It's a funny, human look how relationships can alter when scrutinized under the bright lights of the home playing field.

Despite the many comparisons to Monsieur Woody, the movie’s loose plot reminded me more of My Wife Is An Actress. [If you haven’t seen that one yet, you must]. It’s also French film, written, directed and starring a real-life husband-wife team, expertly realized by Charlotte Gainsbourg and Yvan Attal. [Julie Delpy’s mixture of life and art included casting her parents, her cat, and her ex-BF.] Both couples are half Jewish, half not; both men are highly suspicious of their love’s imagined extra-marital doings; and both take place in a less-romanticized film-version of Paris.

Both My Wife is an Actress and 2 Days in Paris also explore the pressures of relationships, gender roles, and modern love: men feel emasculated by successful, beautiful, accomplished women; and women who want to balance success and independence and remain feminine. None of us have figured it out very well yet; at some point, we’ve all fallen into the stereotypes we never imagined we would [read: our parents]. It’s fertile territory for a 30-something filmmaker: valid, contemporary, true.

Go see it, support an independent, funny, feminine voice.


allergic diner said…
You know, I realized I've been speaking to you but don't have your site blogrolled. Do you mind if I add you to my list? And congrats on 1 year +!
Allergic Girl® said…
hey lady,
absolutely, happy to be added and thanks!
Gab said…
I just read a fantastic review of 2 Days in Paris - I can't wait to see it! Just found your blog - I have an almost 3 yo PA daughter. It's great to find other bloggers (I just started one myself http://peanutfree.blogspot.com) and know that other folks are going through the same types of things.

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