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Please Don't Pass The Nuts has been chosen as a recipient of's "First Annual Top Site Award"! The Top Site Awards are awarded to the web's very best web sites and individual blogs dedicated to providing informative, insightful and inspirational health care advice. Woo hoo!

From "I've spent a lot of time cruising around your blog, and I love how you relate your personal experiences to others facing food allergy -- your writing is fresh, witty and above all helpful, which is why my company has chosen to award your blog as one of the best allergy sites on the Web!

"I'm thrilled to congratulate you on this award, one of six "Top Allergy and Asthma Sites" that the HealthCentral Network has given out this year. Experts from HealthCentral chose your site as one of the best because it gives users a place to feel at home, and we applaud you for fostering that sense of community!

"Health Central's a consumer-driven online health destination comprised of 26 condition targeted Web sites focused on such conditions as depression, diabetes, and breast cancer. In addition to providing the latest clinical information and news, focuses on the 'whole' person who wants not only scientific answers, but ways to take action as an individual, parent, or friend. Through expert columns, videos and social networking forums,'s sites strive to create a community of patients, caregivers, and family members, who can inform, share, and support each other."

To find out more about the award and the other winners including bloggy buddies Our Story, Allerjeez and AllergyMoms, please visit


Congrats Allergic Girl! NYT and now this. What's next, hosting the Oscars? :)
Unknown said…
Congratulations. What a huge honor. The NYTimes "shout out" was great too!

Sorry I missed you at the dinner with Catherine at Otto's. Hope to meet you soon!
Unknown said…
Congratulations on this and the NY Times article.

Sorry I missed you at the dinner with Catherine at Otto. Hope to meet you soon!
Vivian Mahoney said…
Congrats! This award is well deserved.
Allergic Girl® said…
thanks gals, thanks!

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