If you enjoy 17th century costume dramas, in French, with heaving bosoms, rakishly handsome men, and a cuckolded husband or two, you will really enjoy Molière.

There were only six of us in the theater at the Quad Cinema but each couldn’t help but snicker, snort, giggle and laugh out loud at the imagined behind-the-scenes farce as Molière creates the life of Tartuffe. Yes, that Tartuffe; the man about whom the play will be written and for which Monsieur will become quite famous.

However, much like Becoming Jane [which I will be seeing with a gaggle of girls, oh yes], this story is made up. No matter, it's fun, light, historical, swashbuckling-ish fare; everyone's dressed Musketeer style, it's the 1600's after all.

If perchance this movie comes to your town, or you do netflix, I recommend this for a fun evening. If you speak French all the better; the translation lacks in some spots, particularly at the end and most crucial love scene.


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