State of Mind

Indie favorite Lili Taylor in a Lifetime one-hour dramedy? Yes, it's true.

I know, I know but a girl’s got to make a living. Even Parker Posey’s landed a TV show, produced/written by the Gilmore Girls’ team, coming this fall. [I sat next to the GG hubby/wife team whilst they were interviewing production staff - it’s a funny NYC story].

You remember Lili: her voice is still barely above a whisper and her eyes smile even when she’s shooting Andy Warhol-she’s very Lili and I enjoy her work.

And I like this show. Despite myself. Perhaps because it’s about a therapy practice, written by the therapist slash writer slash now co-creator Amy Bloom. Or maybe it’s because the first ep I saw had a romantic encounter between Lili and the grown and sexy Courtney Vance [where has he been all these years?]

I’ll DVR it and see how it unfolds. Have any of you been watching?


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