Top Chef and Food Bloggers

Did you watch Top Chef last night?

New York’s own Andrea Strong of The Strong Buzz was featured on last night’s ep. Well, there was a two second shot of her eating and then parts of her reviews were read by Padma. One big step for blogger-kind I say. However, it seems the original guest blogger list was longer. Here's the fullish scoop.

Bruni, Eater, Grub Street, Amuse Biatch, and even Anthony Bourdain weighed in. Ok really EVERYONE has weighed in.

My oh my, this is some serious pressure cooker being on a reality TV show about cooking in a country [or at least NYC, can't speak for Chicago or Miami or LA or anywhere else] obsessed with cooking, celebrity, “reality”, and sweaty, baldish, bearish men.

Such catty fun!


Gab said…
Wasn't that great? I just watched it tonight (and had my daughter stay up past her bedtime with me - what a treat for the both of us). Not sure which restaurant I would have wanted to eat in - maybe sweaty Brian's? I loved that they mentioned a food blogger so casually too - it just made it so legitimate which was great!
Nowheymama said…
I'm really enjoying this season of Top Chef.

I found sesame candy on our vacation and thought of you. It was as good as I remembered.
Allergic Girl® said…
lol, that sesame candy, pure childhood for me. glad you enjoy ed some. and such a simple recipe to make, GF, dairy free, processed sugar free!
Allergic Girl® said…
gabs--both restos looks pretty unappetizing to me mainly b/c i couldn't have eaten anything! ;-)

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