Anthony Bourdain and Andrew Zimmern

What executive thought this would be a good idea?

It’s a battle of the high art of Anthony Bourdain’s world traveling and eating local, traditional cuisine and the low art of Andrew Zimmern's world traveling looking for “freaky” foods that slither down his throat.

Clearly I have a favorite mainly because I can’t shake the feeling when I watch Zimmern’s show that he’s a big, white American strolling through the culinary back woods on a dare; to give his viewers the voyeuristic thrill of watching him eat seemingly inedible local “bizarre” foods, half of which he says he can’t stomach.

To be fair they both do that. And they’re both chefs. And they’re both white, Americans and starkly different from the cultures and countries they visit. Maybe it’s just the title of Zimmern’s show that puts me off, “Bizzare Foods”; at best, it’s condescending to those cultures.

Anyway, I wonder who twisted Bourdain’s arm to do a show with a food co-host, he seems like a solo kinda guy.

It’s on Monday night. I’ll be taping the fireworks or the duds if it falls flat.


Weatherboy said…
My guess is that Bourdain is giving one back to the Travel Channel after they rescued him from the Food Network. But, yeah, seems a bit weird all the same.
Allergic Girl® said…
you mean when they rescued him from beirut!

i'm watching it now and it is some awkward television, almost painful to watch anthony tolerate this guy and use scripted patter. jeez.
Unknown said…
bourdain is a far superior presonality for tv but i think i could watch anyone who is given free reign to travel the globe to share their experiences with us. zimmern is a bit diplomatic but if it tastes bad, i think he will tell us. i'm a fan of both, more AB than anyone else. i'm planning a NYC trip with my foody friends because of this show. If anyone has recomendations for our artinerary please e-mail me. i wanna hit the local food scene and indulge in the lesser known and the not so often cooked parts of the animals.
thanx, mike
Conblogger said…
They both put off an aire of aloofness. But Bordain more so. Probably because of his French background. I do like Bourdain with his bluejean wearing and beer drinking. That is the NYC in him. Zimmern puts up a front but seems to have a bit of an elitest attitude. I like his show though. I like the fact he hunted, killed, cooked, and ate some of his foods. Very cool. As far as his "bizarre" eating. A lot of that stuff is bizarre for Americans....where I believe the show is aired and audience targeted. The only thing I do not like is his slogan....if it looks good eat it....pretty stupid since most of the stuff looks nasty.
Rhio2k said…
I prefer Zimmern. He has actual daring dishes, like entrails and such, while Bourdaine eats common stuff, like fish and rice (OOOH, scary!), and...let's see, today's ep: he eats a 2-foot pork/beef hot dog. He eats stuff everybody knew people actually ate. He's a culinary coward. Most of his episodes are about american food. Zimmern goes all over the world and eats some of the most off-the-beaten-path foods he can find, while Bourdaine seems afraid to eat foods that are too different from what the average american would eat.

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