Happy Anniversary!


What a year it has been.

You may not know this, but my idea for this blog started as an experiment, a Ghandi thing: “Be the change you want to see in the world".

I didn't see much out there about how adults with allergies and asthma were dealing with life, especially how they were eating out and where they were going for great food that was allergen-friendly.

So I created this space:

I’ve reviewed restos like Brasserie and Otto Enotecca Pizzeria that have been able to take care of my needs successfully and deliciously so that you know you can enjoy these chefs and managers and servers who really care about feeding people safely and graciously.

I’ve interviewed chefs like Mark Zeitouni and Michael Lomonaco who really get it: how to feed everyone, whether you can eat anything or you have a limited/restricted diet.

I’ve gone to food shows like the SOBE Food Fest to see what’s new and coming up for the growing allergy community and am so heartened to see more and more foods being created for us!

I’ve posted about my cultural and travel escapades because to me that’s part of the whole asthma/allergies-aren’t-going-to-stop-me thing: you gotta leave the house, good stuff happens out there.

And I’ve found so many of you, or you’ve found me, that daily I smile and shake my head in absolute amazement and thankfulness for this community building we’re doing together: sharing recipes, encouragement, support, restaurants reviews, awareness, traveling stories, product reviews, health information, drug trials, laughter and understanding.

Thank you all for reading-I've got big plans for year 2, stay tuned!


hey girl, congratulations! one year is incredible - most blogs are long-gone by then. i just celebrated my second year and apparently that's a complete anomoly! so, yay us! :) keep on bloggin'...
Allergic Girl® said…
ooohh babe thank you and congrats to you as well!
Unknown said…
Congrats!! I'm sure many great things are to come in year 2 and beyond!
Unknown said…
Hi, AG,
Congratulations on your first year! Happy Anniversary :-)

Scener said…
congratulations! you are definitely an awesome contributor to the allergy-blogging community! more power to year 2!

Unknown said…
Congratulations!! Great blog.
Susan said…
I am new to your site. I volunteered to make a First birthday cake for a friend's baby. The baby cannot have wheat, soy, rice (nor gluten).

No eggs, dairy, yogurt, cheese.

No sugar.

She can have grains that are non-gluten. Doc thinks she can have buckwheat. I think she can have oats.

This cake will be only for baby, so it doesn't matter what it tastes like.

I will use mashed sweet potatoes for the icing.

I need help with the grains or something to make the bulk of the cake. I can use fruit purees for the moisture.

Thanks for any ideas.
Alisa said…
Congrats! That's awesome... shall I send over a gluten-free cake? Perhaps those root beer float cupcakes will be ready soon!
Anonymous said…
Congrats! I'm looking forward to year 2. I've learned so much from you.
I'm coming up on 1 month and that's a huge milestone for me!!

Allergic Girl® said…
dear shari jonah, ruth, alisa, lori-
thank you all so much!!
Catherine said…
Congrats - I am so glad you started blogging - otherwise who knows if we would have ever met in person!
Allergic Girl® said…
catherine--LOL! true...
Allergic Girl® said…
how generous of you to offer to make a cake for your friend's baby!

if you're looking for a traditional cake, i love cherrybrook. they do use evaporated cane juice ie sugar, if it's just no processed sugar then cherrybrook would be an easy way to go to make a cake:

otherwise, i say get creative. since she's only 1, the concept of birthday cake is really more for the adults anyway. so if you can think outside of the cake box, go for something sweet, fruit based and GF. like a fruittart or a stewed fruit compote with a GF cookie or biscuit. something simple. especially during the summer's bounty of sweet stone fruits, you don't need sugar to make something sweet for baby.

oooh or you could make buckwheat pancakes with fruit sauce.

have a look at these site for mixes and prepared GF cookies/cakes:

anyone else have an idea for susan?
K Allrich said…
Congrats and Happy Blog Birthday! Can't wait to discover what your big plans are. ;)

Somehow I read this post, but missed commenting on Thursday. Happy One Year Anniversary! Your blog is a joy to read and a wealth of knowledge. I'm so looking forward to year two!

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