“No Noots”

Went for a quick bite of beans and rice at David’s Café near Lincoln Road during my South Beach holiday. After using my lame Spanish and trying to ask our friendly server if the beans were vegetarian (I started small) and basically getting nowhere fast (except smiles and “Que”?), I asked for a manager hoping for the best.

Mr. Friendly Manager came over and told me the ingredients of the beans in English (onions, garlic, salt, vinegar, spices, oil and water). When I asked about nuts and fish (I rarely take it for granted that a dish is exactly as it appears,) he said, "No fish, no beef, no pork and no 'noots' of any kind." He explained that in spanish the word for "noots" is actually seeds and that one has to ask about a particular kind of "noot" like almond, walnut, etc. Interesting. I didn't know that.

Then he told me something even better: his brother has allergies! (not great for the brother but great for someone with allergies to find a manager who really gets it). He went on to tell me that they have to do the same thing when they go out, ask about the ingredients in dishes. And that I shouldn’t feel embarrassed to ask him the ingredients of anything. No embarrassment here!

I love when that happens: finding an allergic ally. They are everywhere.

Where did you find you last allergic ally?


Kate said…
Surprisingly - at Longhorn Steakhouse in Melbourne, Florida. My youngest daughter is allergic to all nuts/peanuts, dairy, eggs, and we avoid shellfish. When I called to speak to the manager, I ended up speaking with the general manager who completely understood as he had a child who needed to avoid all nuts and casein! I am always happy (like you, not happy about the allergy) but that someone *gets it*. My 9 yr old chowed down her steak and potato. She was so happy.. which made us very happy.
Also - Chef Ken at the Plaza Restaurant in Walt Disney World was AMAZING! Impeccable service. His attention to detail was above and beyond any place we have ever eaten.
Caro. said…
"most tropical fruits (you mean your mouth doesn't hurt when you eat pineapple?)"

I saw that in your profile and it made me smile. I used to always ask people, "You know that tingly, painful feeling you get when you eat pineapple?" I always got blank stares.

So, Im glad someone else finally understands!
Allergic Girl® said…
katespot-GREAT story!

line--funny another pineapple averse person. i totally get it.
Tina said…
We are lucky to have two restaurants owned by a woman severely allergic to peanuts, and I heard there's a chef who started at a restaurant who is also allergic to peanuts. And we love going to these restaurants - they even have a dedicated bakery in one of them!

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