The Ritz Carlton, Manalapan, FL

I went for a lovely, poolside-ocean-viewed New Year’s Day breakfast with the fam at the The Ritz Carlton here in Manalapan. We ate at their Temple Orange restaurant, all white chairs with orange trim and bowls of orange oranges as decoration. There were lots of families, kids in Tory Burch ensembles and mothers that look like young beachy Grace Kellys.

Instead of having the buffet ,which can be an allergic mine field, I opted for an a la carte breakfast: eggs, hash browns, a bit of bacon, berries, fresh OJ, all free of tree-nuts, fish, shellfish and wheat.

The best part of the breakfast, Sean, General Manager and all around good guy has tree-nut and fish allergies! Yes, and he totally gets it. I love finding allergic allies wherever I go.

The Ritz Carlton, Manalapan, FL
100 South Ocean Boulevard,
Manalapan, FL 33462 USA


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