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The idea of a spa and spa services interests me more than the actuality of spa and spa services precisely because too many times in the past, I had a massage that ended up hurting more than healing or had a body scrub that resulted in itching more than soothing. Still, I’m ever hopeful that I will have a great service somewhere. And so I book services, conservatively. On this most recent trip to The Standard, Miami for Christmas/Chanukah 2008, I treated myself to a special mani/pedi especially as in Florida all I’m wearing are flip flops.

Here's my spa protocol and here's what I did in real life, which is virtually the same thing.

I asked ahead of the treatment what product line they use and they showed me to a line that although lovely and luscious looking in the jar, is all nuts, all the time. Sigh. Before my treatment (this really helps) I told them that I was fragrance sensitive, which I am, and allergic to nuts and couldn’t have nutty scrub products. She wrote that in my res so when I arrived my manicurist had all the deets.

I brought AG-safe cream with me and was shown a different scrubby product she wanted to use. Sadly, this too was nutty. She showed me a few other bottles when finally we hit upon Trillium Organics. Only a few ingredients, none of which were nuts or nut oils I went for it and was able to have a scrubby, spa experience after all!

The product was smooth and scrubby, not too fragrant and I had no skin reactions except the smoothest footsies ever. Going to the Trillium Organics site, I see there is even more to love and support about this company. Love it!


Unknown said…
Wow-what a great tip! Thanks for this info. It sounds wonderful.
Excellent! I'm wary of any nut bath products, since my son is so allergic. Although they're fine for me, it's crucial I don't use them at home and contaminate the bathtub. I can't wait to check out the site. Thank you!!! xo
Allergic Girl® said…
jennifer b-it was!

milk money--yeah it very hard to find girl-y, spa-y products that dont have nuts! so i was thrilled that the standard had these as an option.
Jenny said…
Your story illustrates how common it is for nut ingredients to show up in cosmetics and spa products. I'm glad you found a safe product line. Wonderful!

You handled the situation beautifully! (pun intended) :)
Allergic Girl® said…
hey jenny--thanks! calling ahead man, it's the only way!

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