Gluten-Free Bagels by Allergy Grocer

Jay, owner and mastermind behind Allergy Grocer, kindly sent me some gluten-free bagel samples to try during the fall.

Bagels can be tricky to make with glutinous flour, much less gluten-free flours. Boiled and/or baked, sweet and/or yeasty: every bagel maker has their special recipe and none are the same. Tastes vary from region to region; a New York bagel is different than a Toronto bagel.

Many in the GF community of food producers have tried to re-create this Jewish classic with varying results. Jay of Allergy Grocer makes hers from a recipe she created, under her own label. Don’t know Allergy Grocer, which also sells the Miss Robens line of products? Jay/Miss Robens makes every effort to be meticulous about allergens, here’s the company’s allergen protocol and here’s more information about how Allergy Grocer was founded.

Still, right now Jay makes these bagels in a facility that also processes nuts on different days. From Jay: “In the facility I am in while I am getting my bakery up and running...there is peanut butter used in another room and some tree nuts & sesame, (walnuts, coconut, almonds, pecans) used at a different time. And we are using dedicated equipment, washing and covering everything, and not working at the same time. All the tests came back undetectable....”

So feeling a bit uncertain, Jay sent me the paperwork that delineated those allergen tests and this Allergic Girl decided the risk was low enough to try the bagels. I know how diligent Jay is about her products. (Some companies are less so as outlined in this recent story by the Chicago Tribune).

*However, this is a VERY personal decision. If you have questions about any product, contact the manufacturer directly. In this case, if you want to know more info, please contact Jay*

So the bagels. My first response was that they didn’t brown and then, once toasted, the were very yeasty. However. After my first taste, I found I craved these bagels, as in I couldn't wait to get up in the morning to eat one! I tore through the rest of the pack of bagels, toasting them, buttering them, having my eggs with them, dreaming about them, unable to wait until morning so I could have another one! Oh boy oh boy. I turned into a very happy gluten-free bagel eating person with these delicious samples.

Thank you Jay for bringing the Allergy Grocer GF bagels to the table of products available to our community!


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