Reduce-the-Risk Campaign on Airlines, Allergic Living Magazine

From our friends at Allergic Living for you Allergic Girls and Dudes in Canada [PS: Can we start something like this in the Lower 48?]:

Airlines and Allergies: Reduce-the-Risk Campaign

Dear Friends,

Allergic Living: magazine has launched an online write-in campaign to the two major Canadian airlines – Air Canada and WestJet.

The purpose? To request that Canada’s top airlines develop clear, consistent, communicated policies on food allergies that include a few measures to prevent dangerous in-flight reactions.

To gain the airlines’ interest, they need to receive great numbers of letters. So we need your help. Please take five minutes – and take part in the campaign at (see the green box, upper right).

Facts to consider:
– An aircraft, flying thousands of feet in the air, presents a unique and confined environment, beyond reach of a hospital.
– Nut snacks are commonly consumed aboard aircraft (often carried on by other passengers). There is a higher chance of accidental exposure to top allergens such as tree nuts, peanuts and sesame aboard a plane than in any other public environment – except for a baseball park.
– A recent U.S. study shows about 10 per cent of those with food allergies are having in-flight reactions. Better precautions would reduce reaction rates.
– The number of people living with food allergies has grown significantly in the past decade, representing an increasing segment of the flying public.

Your participation in this write-in effort is urgently needed. Again, you may take part at Allergic Living: Please make your voice heard, and thank you for your support.

Gwen Smith

Editor, Allergic Living


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