Wedding Caterers, Food Allergies

I participated during a wonderful wedding recently of a very dear friend. She was kind enough to put me in touch with the caterer directly. I spoke with Chef Jenny at Olivier Cheng caterers. I emailed her my list and then we went over the menu of what they were already serving and what adjustments I might need.

When I arrived at the reception, I found the chef and introduced myself to her in the kitchen. We confirmed my dishes and she said, "We brought yours in a completely separate container." When they served my dishes they were indeed on a different color plate entirely, making it very easy to identify.

What did I have? Passed hors d’oevres passed over me (which was fine, I had a late lunch so I wouldn’t be starved through the ceremony and the beginning reception). Then a starter of whole wheat penne was magically transformed to a green salad for this allergic girl. The surf and turf place of scallops and short ribs was transformed into a plate of short ribs with sautéed veggies for me. And they even changed the marinade of my short ribs, eliminating the Worcester sauce.

At the very end of the wedding, when the catering crew was packing up, my friend Kate saw a cooler labeled with big black lettering: Food Allergy Plate. They even created a separate cooler for me!

Excellent job Olivier Cheng, thank you! Their diligence made it that much easier for me to enjoy this romantic and beautiful event.


Unknown said…
Wow! Great service. I always enjoy reading your blog and the many good dining out experiences you encounter!
Allergic Girl® said…
thanks jennifer--catered events can be such a minefield but with some convo and some planning voila! yummy safe dinner!
Unknown said…
That's so great!
Allergic Girl® said…
hey nicole! it was really nice to be able to eat at a wedding.
Jenny said…
What a great story. See, it can be done!

I love to hear about things like this. It's great to hear you were accomodated so well and treated so kindly.
Anonymous said…
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