Peanut Butter Recall

Peanut butter recall in over 130 products and counting.

"The plant also produced peanut paste, a more concentrated product used in candy, crackers and many other kinds of foods. Tracking how the paste travels through the food supply can be challenging, because several companies can be involved in making the final food. For example, one manufacturer might coat the paste in chocolate and make a peanut butter cup, which is then sold to another company that mixes it into ice cream that may or may not also contain peanut butter. A grocery chain might buy that ice cream and sell it under a private label...Ms. DeWaal and other critics of the federal food safety system said that because peanut butter was considered a low risk for contamination, plants could sometimes go without inspection for a decade."


UPDATE: Just yuck. Thanks to Mme Zum for FBing this story.

UPDATE FEB 8, 2009: NYTimes story here.


allergenius said…
Hey Allergic Girl!

Was browsing old posts and came across another peanut butter related one from April 2007, but wanted to reply here since I'm not sure whether you get comments on old posts or what not!

1. A good peanut butter I eat that hasn't been processed with other nuts is, Smuckers natural brand of peanut butter ( Despite my severe tree nut allergy I am completely gaga over peanut butter, always have been.

2. Any luck on finding a peanut in shell? I haven't had any, same with almonds (trying to follow up with the snack convo we had from our WFD)
Allergic Girl® said…
hey barrak!
that's my peanut butter too! i LOVE it, make GF cookies with it [and take those cookies with me when i travel]. it's my fave and it's made in a peanut only facility by smuckers.

peanuts in shell not processed with other nuts? not really. probably we could get them from a grower in GA. i could look into that...

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