110 in the Shade

Took in a matinee yesterday [courtesy of TDF] whilst the Upper East Side had a blackout and trains were stuck underground. And then the rains came last night; wind whipping, trees swaying, lightning, thunder, and big juicy drops.

And what did I see but the musical version of "The Rainmaker". How apt.

I cannot tell a lie; I only went to see Audra. I hadn’t seen the NYT review, which was actually a bit kinder to the supporting cast than I would have been [e.g the man singing “File” was flat and singing under the notes], but no matter I was going to see her regardless of the review.

And I was not disappointed. Like seeing any great craftsperson at work, she was a pleasure to watch.

Worth catching if you’re in NYC especially as you can get half price or cheaper seats.


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